Whether the treasure can become Suning Empire bombardment business goal

said the traditional channel who is most interested in the electricity supplier, then Suning will be the answer. As a foothold in the online fortune appliances channels, Suning in the past 4 years the action can be said frequently constantly, not only the price war, more cloud providers, swallow PPTV and a series of business enterprise "exclusive", Zhang Jindong is seen to be "Suning Internet" in the end. Today, the introduction of change treasure so that people can see Suning move in the mobile platform and then another move, then this is widely likened to the outside world, a small balance treasure products really can afford Suning expectations?

change treasure product advantage in which

compared with the balance of treasure, treasure coins with the same income balance function (Fund), in addition, a user can yuan deposit, relatively stable income, can provide financial solutions to more fragmented small users. Besides the benefits of the project, change treasure does not delay the depositors in the Suning consumer platform, users can directly use the "zero money treasure funds in the suning.com shopping payment, payment, credit card payments and to charge calls. For cash withdrawals, change treasure process is also very convenient, fast, to achieve 7*24 hours of rapid withdrawals to Yi Fubao and bank cards.

in fact, the treasure is a treasure with the balance of treasure similar financial projects, from the account, purchase, financial services to achieve one-stop service, and in the process of consumer entertainment at the same time.

change to Baodai Suning competitive

first treasure is a financial project and funds gathered machines, to allow more small idle funds into Suning architecture platform, to facilitate the development of their own easy to pay treasure, after all, a financial product survival is a prerequisite for capital and users, has been popular, easy to pay treasure to be able to give the market some the influence to a certain extent.

funds for all aspects of the operation of the enterprise is not questioned. With the funds, Suning can continue to do some business expansion, revitalize their existing product chain, prompting the operation more smoothly, and the meaning of zero wallet in this.

mobile Internet is attractive cake for any enterprise, especially for traditional electric fans, the next line of consumer online payment will be more common, grasp the consumer behavior of this source like, to develop their own user consumption habits, and then hatched more products project has promoted rent.

"binding fund", to promote their own consumption in platform. This is definitely a point not to mention, to know the user to put money into your product, you enjoy the treatment at the same time, the consumer behavior will be more inclined to your business platform, who will not be idle in the money to go to another local consumption, one-stop service will be to promote the role of its own business.

PPTV the living room strategy project plan. The banner of the future of mobile Internet will be plugged into the entire network of the world, the entire PC end of the flow will flow to the mobile port, and payment behavior will also migrate, in this time

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