CNNC for the first time in addition to the domain name violation self discipline convention

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after three months of continuous reporting of 11 illegal Internet address registration services, "Internet address registration service industry self-discipline supervision" executive mechanism — China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), recently again informed the two by user complaints of the Internet address registration services, respectively. Is:

Shanghai Huiming Network Technology Co. Ltd.

Nanning Library Information Service Co., Ltd.

is different from the past, the exposure of the enterprise, Shanghai Huiming Network Technology Co. Ltd is one of the self-discipline convention signing mechanism. Thus, Shanghai became a self-discipline convention signed Huiming since the first exposure of the contracted companies. As a convention to oversee the implementation of institutions, CNNIC said the Shanghai bright against the user’s violation of the company in the self-discipline in the undertaking, so according to the self-discipline convention Shanghai Huiming self-discipline convention member units removed from. In addition, CNNIC will soon be handed over to the relevant departments to investigate the two illegal enterprise materials.

it is understood that the users of the above two companies complaints, mainly concentrated in the fraudulent use of the name of others for misleading sales. Shanghai Huiming network science and technology limited company has "renew fraud" such a serious violation of the behavior of users. CNNIC legal responsible person told the reporter, Shanghai Huiming as contracting agencies self-discipline, self-discipline convention does not comply with the commitments made, causing damage to the users, but also damaged the image of the unit signed a self-discipline convention. "Treatment of Shanghai Huiming which maintained the interests of users, but also to maintain the seriousness of self-discipline." CNNIC legal director said.

industry insiders believe that the CNNIC notification and treatment in violation of self-discipline convention signed, that has become the industry standard self-discipline convention Internet address registration services, the majority of Internet users under the Convention on protection, registered in the Internet address, the rights and interests of parties have been effectively maintenance. The exposure of illegal enterprises, is a good protection of the interests of users, but also firm determination of the Internet address registration industry self-regulation."

as a self regulatory oversight bodies, CNNIC said that the maintenance of the interests of the user, the oversight is the responsibility of the. At present, there are more than two hundred and thirty contracts signed by the self-discipline convention. The majority of address resource registry services are working to improve the quality of service. I hope the majority of users continue to report through the 010-58813000-2 phone and [email protected] report mailbox, reflecting the violation of the convention business complaints. CNNIC will continue to report violations of the enterprise, reported to the competent authorities, etc., to supervise the industry, so that the violation of the Convention to improve the cost of breach of contract, in order to prevent the occurrence of violations.

Event Background:

by July 24, 2007, million net six Internet address registration services launched more than 40 Internet addresses of registered institutions jointly signed the ">

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