Mtv cn and nick cn four domain names

To register its four.Cn domain name Viacom did not expect their own use of MTV for many years, as early as a few years ago has been registered as domain name.

the discovery after Viacom immediately to Chinese international economic and Trade Arbitration Commission domain name dispute resolution center delivery complaint, demand the return of previously registered ",,, four.Cn domain name.

but in June 5, 2005 after more than and 40 days of fierce tug of war, a media giant Viacom in the recaptured two domain name, finally lost two gold, domain name.


page more than 3 thousand.

for Viacom, Chinese is no stranger to the market. As the world’s largest media and entertainment group, Viacom wide involved in the international media market, footprints all over the radio, cable television, outdoor advertising, online advertising, film making, music television, entertainment products, books and music tapes CD publishing and video rental stores etc.. In 2003, Viacom revenues of $26 billion 660 million, the number of employees 122 thousand and 770 people, business involves 166 countries and regions.

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