China e commerce gold domain name B2B CN officially enabled

recently, according to reliable sources, the domestic well-known enterprise information service provider mainone company Ming million net in June 8, 2009 will be officially opened a new domain name, the replacement of the domain name is, now users can log the domain name to access the mainone network, for the convenience of customers, the original domain name is still valid for a period of time. Insiders pointed out that this enabled e-commerce gold domain name B2B.CN, indicates the future development direction and strategic deployment of mainone company.


domain name as the network number of modern enterprise plays an important role in the Internet world, it has become an important part of corporate identity system, with indication of the role of the enterprise. In the Internet domain name is the first impression of the enterprise, the domain name is good or bad to a certain extent, affect the image of the enterprise in the user’s mind. Mainone Market Department official said: "the original domain name on behalf of small and medium-sized enterprises are on the Internet the main one, reflecting the degree of concern for small and medium-sized enterprises mainone. The great value of commercial identification value and market promotion of new domain name B2B.CN contains gradually emerged, can better serve the small and medium-sized enterprises, more convenient for users to spread and shape memory, but also in favor of the corporate brand image, will promote better development of enterprises.

currently, the economic crisis has not bottomed out, the negative impact is still there, the whole industry is facing a huge dilemma. At this time the electronic commerce thriving, showing vitality and strong momentum of development of e-commerce to boost confidence in the whole industry. Mainone believe network marketing will in the near future in the small and medium-sized enterprise marketing mode plays an important role, e-commerce will usher in the golden period of development, the market potential immeasurable.

in addition, mainone in replacement of the domain name will also be under the Ming civilink was fully upgraded, after the revision of the mainone network located in Chinese enterprise product promotion and online trading platform. The information capacity is bigger, the industry classification is more accurate, careful, the design is quite human nature; the service is diverse, provides the user with the brand-new experience. This series of actions show mainone further development in the field of electronic commerce determination. Electronic commerce in the field of this dark horse can win in the new strategy, the ability to catch up with the strength of competitors, we wait and see.

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