Domestic beer growth suffered weak ecological beer invasion

    reporter was informed that the recent announcement of Chongqing beer, said the company was shut down in Anhui, a subsidiary of the company, which is since June last year, Chongqing beer closed seventh subsidiaries. Domestic beer on the survival of the channel distribution, terminal control advantage is gradually diluted, the performance of the market is the continued weakness in production and sales. Data show that in fiscal year 2015 domestic beer companies listed in the, a number of net profit fell across the board.

is the opposite of Germany, Belgium Beer as a representative of a large number of imported beer in the emerging consumer market breakout. Whether it is the liquor big brother "the Yanghe River", or in the network network as the representative of the wine circle of new forces, have combined with the top foreign beer manufacturers vied for imported beer market. With the differentiation of the brand characteristics, excellent product quality and diversified sales model, imported beer quickly penetrate the mass consumption scene, began in the Chinese market barbaric growth.

domestic beer quality fell

liquor prices have been warmer, the domestic beer is still in winter. Investigate its reason, there are two points can not be ignored: first, the popularity of imported beer in the past two years to form a strong impact on it, and the other from the domestic beer itself.

in a very long period of time, the powerful control of the terminal under the core advantage of domestic beer for the survival of beer manufacturers in the depth distribution, CO marketing mode, constitute its too strong to break line. However, this advantage is also gradually become the shackles of the development of their products in the vicious competition. In the long term "channel is king" in the market competition, domestic beer form "heavy channel light products" the mainstream trend.

is one of its manifestations repeatedly reduce the cost of production of domestic beer, which directly leads to the decrease of the beer original wort concentration. Insiders said, "for the manufacturers of beer, the original wort concentration even as high as 0.1, production costs are much higher."

reporter noted that the current domestic market in the sale of domestic beer with refreshing beer, the original wort concentration distribution in 8.0° P to 11.0° P interval. Imported beer, with net wine network launched 4 imported beer de Groot (Gloryt), a "taste Piandan glory wheat white beer" the original wort concentration is 11.8° P, called "Crazy" beer its original wort concentration is as high as 16.3° P. In view of this, Chinese people drink beer made with a little more like "water beer malt aroma".

product homogeneity serious, product quality and the lack of brand innovation is the main problem of domestic beer exposed, but also led to its rapid growth in the consumer market growth of internal factors. The shift between Grote brands such as distinctive personality, excellent product quality of the imported beer ushered in the great growth opportunity.

Grote imported beer of the advanced road

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