HuangJin com such as the best domain name will be auctioned in Beijing recently

      network owners according to CCID network September 18th news network recently announced, statue meters will be held in Beijing September 26th second domain name auction, the auction is the 36 best domain name, including,,, and and other industries are listed in the domain name spelling.

      in recent years, with the recognition of the value of domain names of many famous enterprises, the domain name market is becoming more and more active. Insiders told reporters that the following large companies have invested heavily in the acquisition of its brand related domain name:

      China Mobile, to about ten million yuan acquisition of to create a mobile mailbox service;

      Yili Group, a large amount of money to buy replace the original;

      Renhe group, as its flagship brand "shiny" website of the acquisition of


      Tencent network, the acquisition of millions of dollars

      the above case is only a small part of the domestic domain acquisition in recent years, the past two years and 39 Health Network, driving China,, ant network and many other well-known websites have purchased its brand related digital domain name or spelling, making and the domain name easy to remember the transaction price rising.

      through the auction organizer statue meters network learned, all auction items are many domain name investors to collect, except to remember the spelling domain are and English words in the industry domain, the average value of the domain name in more than one hundred thousand yuan, all recently the auction in the official website ( public display and accept the bid registration.

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