Google and Baidu WAP search

Although the news of

Google and China Mobile cooperation is overwhelming, but it can not arouse my interest, because Google is far away.

and Google say the snapshot can not be opened, and do not say in how Google China is only Google The climate does not suit one., WAP search, let people feel the gap with Baidu.


yesterday in the car continued to search for some information, the first mobile phone to open the using the Google WAP search results page content is out, but completely open, don’t Google WAP search results is still using the HTTP protocol link? But when I open the Baidu WAP search, Baidu WAP search results can all be opened, and there is a significant reminder that the page from Baidu snapshot. In this way, I am very convenient to use Baidu WAP search to find the information they need.

suddenly thought of Google and China Mobile mobile phone search thing, no matter what kind of way cooperation tools is a mobile phone, the user is mobile phone users it can do no wrong, but such cooperation will bring us what? Google is still very far away, on the contrary, low-key Baidu WAP search with a very simple way to meet my needs.

Baidu mobile search path is to take the way of cooperation and mobile phone manufacturers, this road is not wide but very good, compared to the huge win mobile operators cooperation qualification, rather than do take a brand mobile phone browser home page settings, because users more pursuit is simple and effective, Google and China Mobile cooperation, and can not be directly reflected in the number of users, the way of using instead, mobile phone users in the open WAP browser, has a partnership with Baidu’s mobile phone will directly show Baidu’s WAP search page, the user should Monternet will no longer be dedicated to open China Mobile, to use the Google search, this point I believe that, at least in my own way.

Baidu succeeded that occupy a high market share in the domestic market, apart from technology aside, compared to other companies, there are many things that are paying more attention to detail and strategy, Baidu may not so good "no evil" reputation, but Baidu does more Chinese meet the most practical needs. Do not believe you can try to open the Google help center, you even WAP search help pages are found, and the Baidu WAP search in the help center, a very detailed introduction of the operation: in the abstract view a certain search results, you can click to read the full content browsing the pages of Baidu; for the convenience of your WAP browsing using a mobile phone, the ordinary WWW page is automatically converted to WAP format for browsing, you can easily use mobile phone to access the search results.

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