Consumers say changed Physical retail how do change

this year, double 12 battlefield Ali from cleaning up the double stick section of the line items transferred to the next line, and finally in the electricity supplier customer group 80- 90 in the eyes of the mainstream media to find the old women, the use of preferential verification and mobile payment for non online crowd the traditional e-commerce one, the actual effect is indeed create a store that day bustling. So, consumers really changed, and how to adapt to the so-called physical retail consumer change?

1) first, the advent of the era of mobile debris changed the way of contact and interaction between businesses and consumers, the traditional marketing and communication strategies

is no longer the initiative to affect consumers, consumers have more dominant features.

typical cross channel consumer scene into a two-dimensional code to get the brand information and offers, guide to the stores to experience and pay, or store down again to Tmall’s official website and the type of diversion orders, customer service phone is artificial care, maintain the satisfaction of social recommendation into natural behavior. For consumers, regardless of the contact point, the enterprise brand value and service delivery requirements are the same; at the same time for the enterprise, consumer identification of different terminals and after the targeted marketing push should be consistent.

business front end of the electricity supplier to be able to integrate a variety of terminal contact points across the border, to maintain the consistency of the experience of the multi screen era, whether it is online or offline, anytime, anywhere to keep in touch with consumers and interactive. The default schema general standard H5, PC, WeChat 3 main contact mode, but also have to APP, WebPos, wearable devices and other support to expand.


2) at the same time, under the influence of the spread of change, the channel has also changed. Whether it is straight, associates, join or future platform retail, cross channel integration, so that the business no boundaries. Access to different channels, control of behavior or data information, such as goods, orders, marketing, membership, inventory, etc., in the new era of the whole channel should be integrated, interoperable, shared. All of the information can be unified identification and classification, based on the uniform rules of the allocation and execution, and eventually settled in the only data center for profit sharing.


full channel scene into the integration of online and mobile and stores all business forms, C2B consumer dominant mode after the first sales of production based on which can optimize the operating body forced the original all decentralized and independent of the process of collaboration and share profits.


For example, a large group of

enterprises, product line diversification departments tend to have similar market segments, but this time the internal consumption and full of competition, bloated organizational structure is also very difficult to allow cooperation between different departments. The success of Haier can give a lot of inspiration, not just to test the water sector electricity supplier team, but to become something Bing and influence, can be active for >

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