Fresh O2O 15 said the next line shop to over 1000

October 9th news, understanding, fresh O2O 15 points in the recent safety of food companies opened a new online store 100.

15 founder He Hongming said, 15 points in the next three months each month plans to open 100 new stores, the next line store is expected to total more than 1000.

15 is not ambitious, but the choice of cultivating regional market. According billion state power network understanding, 15 minutes after a goal is a comprehensive coverage of the Pearl River Delta region, the number of over 4 million members, while ensuring each shop can be profitable.

He Hongming introduced the 15 points at the three most important things: first, the expansion of the logistics distribution center, increasing product category; second, the increase of online orders and improve the line pick-up unit, fast line shop profit target; third, the rapid increase in the number of online stores, continue to enter new areas for the end of this year the number of line shop more than 300.


these information shows that 15 points into the rapid development and expansion stage, has gone through the early stages of the model to explore the beginning of the successful experience of replication. 15 points of operation mode and some other fresh O2O mode is also different.

it is understood that the 15 products are self-supporting, self built product supply chain, the main products focus on vegetables and fruits; 15 also built the cold chain logistics center and processing line shop with the formation of the whole logistics chain.

a lot of fresh electricity supplier is also trying to self built line shop, for example, has a high permeability of every orchard in Shanghai area. He Hongming pointed out that 15 separate line shop is to establish a connection with the customer’s premises and the cold chain distribution service station, product category more kitchen goods, but is not only the fruit. "But the key difference is that most of our distribution terminals and offline stores are layout in the community, and the terminal orchard every day is more in the office."

on the home service mode of this kind of O2O, said He Hongming can cooperate, and now 15 points have been carried out at home and Jingdong cooperation, 15 parts store shelves to Jingdong home platform. Home model is the use of the community where the existing store resources, will be moved to the APP on their goods, user-friendly choice. The 15 points have their own products and services brand."

billion state power network to understand, the 15 points have not yet entered the major business platform, but the attitude is very open, believe their business still has its own advantages in front of the platform. He Hongming said: Tmall, Jingdong and other large electricity supplier platform logistics system costs remain high. The next 15 points of the network when the store is located in the network density is large enough, will be directly into the major platforms."

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