This is O2O not a false proposition a new model but the new industry

O2O? O2O? O2O everywhere, O2O has almost become a bad street vocabulary. O2O has brought endless imagination to the entire Chinese market space, but there is still no one to convince the company or model, but began to appear more and more questioned the authenticity of the voice of O2O.

once upon a time, relying on the outbreak of the market is gradually being recognized O2O is considered to be B2B, C2C, B2C after a new e-commerce model. But with the further development of the Internet, it seems that the cognition and the actual situation has serious deviation with the meaning of O2O is more and more broad, the field is not confined in the electricity market, from the original retail, catering, tourism, service life, such as the community, industry, automotive, beauty marriage, real estate, finance and so on, "O2O" has become the most hot "suffix, (XX) industry O2O".

more interesting is that "O2O" has become a lot of A shares of listed companies to push up the price of a ready-made panacea. In the A stock market investment logic of God, as long as the combination of concept O2O, tend to drive prices in the short term, so there are a lot of Companies in this way, especially in large retail enterprises.


O2O concept is more and more broad, it means that its definition has become increasingly blurred, this provides a blood like concept to the industry innovation, a combination of any O2O product or service innovation can get a lot of investors favor. But the chicken period, the market will return to reason, investors can not see the input-output results, crowds don’t see the pattern, finally entrepreneurs find it difficult to continue the project O2O. Therefore, the recent wave of anti O2O began to spread, some opinion leaders began to attack O2O is a fart, O2O is a false proposition.

O2O is a false proposition? In fact, just before you wishful thinking of the O2O too good too idealistic. In fact, O2O does not represent a new model, which represents a new industry, it can be understood as the Internet era and retail, service, manufacturing and other industries similar to the O2O industry. The development of the Internet has continued to break the boundaries of all walks of life, but also in the continuous link between the various sectors.

Internet plus industrial, industrial 4; Internet plus car, car networking; Internet plus medical, online medical; Internet plus agriculture, rural electricity, etc.. Of course, you can also be affixed to the above industrial O2O, car O2O, medical O2O, agricultural O2O and other labels.

In fact,

, now O2O is "a subordinate concept Internet plus industry combination, is not a new model, combined with the Internet and use it to understand the industry will be easier, for example, said" food O2O ", you will know what is the combination of the catering industry and the Internet, this is definitely better than saying" Internet plus food easier to understand.

if you look at it a little bigger,

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