Sales in Beijing grew 740% Tmall supermarket in Beijing issued 1 billion red envelopes

but after 1 billion yuan burn it, how to ensure that the user does not go to Beijing Jingdong, shop No. 1, Suning even?


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since July 15th, in the Beijing Railway Station Tmall supermarket on the page, the emergence of the "Beijing city 50 yuan enjoy red activities, the ads also appear in the Beijing subway, bus stop, grab a red envelope, can participate in the full 88 yuan minus 50", 88 yuan just to meet shipping conditions. The use of red dates as of July 30th.

this is a large Alibaba in Beijing hold. July 23rd, Alibaba group announced a full range of business to enter the field, pushing its Tmall supermarket in the country, in which the first stop of the selected Beijing, the first phase of subsidies to consumers in Beijing 1 billion yuan.

Tmall supermarket general manager Jincheng said that after the first stop in Beijing, Tmall supermarket promotions will soon be launched in the Shanghai area, then expanded to more domestic city.

for the electricity supplier industry, the use of FMCG category to attract consumers, increase user stickiness, and allow consumers to complete other non consumer commodities purchased here, the online retail has been used for many years also has been applied to the online law.

since 2012, Jingdong, Tmall and have opened a whole category of goods channels, FMCG and fresh products to increase user purchase frequency, in marketing, each is through subsidies, envelopes, full cut and other conventional mode of promotion to attract customers, or even a picture of in January this year in the north of Guangzhou WAL-MART door "rude" passenger grab the.

on the time node, Jingdong 6.18 just over the end of the event, Tmall double the distance between the activities of the 11 is too far, there is no Festival can be made, Tmall supermarket in the form of red envelopes directly to draw a lot of customers.

according to data provided by Tmall, as of late July, Tmall supermarket Beijing area sales grew 740% last year, of which the amount of transactions from the wireless side.

The Tmall

in addition to the intensity of red awesome, also advertised the day, distribution can be done before 11 in the morning of the day you can order, receipt, and can choose the delivery time, delivery to the night 22 points on the day.

but this speed in the Beijing region, not faster than Jingdong. Jingdong mall in Beijing has already done 211 speed – the day before the order of 11 points, the same day, the day after the order of 11 points, the next day before two points served. Compared to Tmall, also seems to be a stroke above.

with retail fixed consumer groups in different fixed area, consumer loyalty degree for the electricity supplier is very low, Tmall red envelopes activities once finished, Beijing consumers may be Jingdong,, shop No. 1, and other electricity providers to the 1 billion is likely to be burned in vain.

Another challenge for

Tmall supermarket is,

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