Small sellers can also have a large flow of 10 days to make you a diamond seller

has been at Taobao for several years and has been out of work for 03 years. A few years later, I started my Taobao career again. See is still a lot of sellers complain about the goods do not sell, I would like to say that a few years ago the seller is really feeling the stones across the river, and now Taobao has developed today is more than N experience. Nonsense does not say do not preach to everyone to analyze the promotion of

1 the first new sellers started selling things you recommend a few, this is also a disadvantage, if you want to have more to sell more products, so since our recommendation is not much, so we have to use fully, make the recommendation to double. So we are first in the template under the time, you get some shops have more features in the template on both sides, and then recommend out, so even if the buyer does not love to see this product, will be selective to look at other products. At least to ensure that your IP will not lose your transaction volume has been improved. Seize every one of the buyers to our shop, this is called, there is always one belongs to you.

Optimization of

2 product keywords, many customers have simply to write their own products, and there are many dialects will affect your sales, for example, you are selling bags, then north customer will write packets, then Shanghai will be called MM bag, and Guangzhou MM will call it a handbag. So you have to look at these words which is more suitable for consumers to search the heart, so as to give your baby a very easy to find the name. So your only recommendation will not be wasted. You can make full use of the recommended bit to show the power of 300%!

Take advantage of

3 Taobao stores, so that customers have a general understanding of you, because you have less time to evaluate many buyers do not see your evaluation only understand your products through the side, then we had to write some real shop introduction, let the customer feel the amount of our experience concept. There is a saying that good, only the customer to accept your product will accept your product, but also in the recommended products recommend their shop concept and service


4 make good use of our communication tools, first of all, QQ, MSN, or more chat software, to promote their own shops, pay attention, do not write my shop so opened. So it seems that you have just opened a lot of people do not feel the performance of your goods will not be assured that instant friends have such a feeling. Skill one, just bought a product in a Taobao store did not expect such a happy, and then write the connection. So many people will be very curious to take the initiative to click on your product.

5 forum marketing, to the relevant forum and then write some industry forums, you can send some of the sales of your products, pay attention to the world must not say how your product. Can be rational to help customers analyze the advantages of your product, and then introduce the product in the end where the good, so that customers buy your stuff will not be deceived, even if you do not know

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