Koppu business founder Huang Wenhui Exploration on your way


giant Koppu founder Huang Wenhui (left), co-founder Li Yanbin (right)

with a simple belief, Huang Wenhui from the company out of business. Since then, a company called "Koppu" e-commerce operators in the southern region of the soil was born.

his original intention is very simple, just because of the industry. His dream is very simple, want to become a long-term development of e-commerce business service providers. It was this that led to a magnificent change in his life.

starts only with interest in

September 20th, Huang Wenhui from Guangzhou to Fujian fatigued with the journey back to the reception, a team of Quanzhou traditional enterprise boss business study tour. This low-key e-commerce service providers began to uncover its mysterious veil. Huang Wenhui came to the meeting room, wearing glasses, wearing a simple black T-shirt and jeans, the first impression is very cordial.

talked about the original intention of the founder of the company, Huang Wenhui smiled and said, the beginning of e-commerce, just because of interest." Also in the student period, Huang Wenhui inadvertently contact eBay, Taobao, which has a strong interest in. In 2009, the use of spare time, he opened his own shop, this time to deepen his connection to e-commerce. Because it is only the use of spare time to do, shop business is off and on in business.

In addition to this,

did not start before the work experience also laid a foundation for his later venture. In 2006, after graduating from college, Huang Wenhui joined a sports shoes and apparel enterprises engaged in brand promotion, and two years later entered another XTEP sports shoes and apparel enterprises, marketing planning. Accumulated in the apparel industry experience, he will first bring a good luck agency business.

during the work, the United States and the United States, Mr.ing, such as e-commerce business operators and the development of network goods brand caused Huang Wenhui attention. The past few years is a good time for the development of online retail. Although he opened the shop, but did not put much mind to operate, and therefore missed some opportunities." Huang Wenhui laments.

affected by this, Huang Wenhui germination full effort to participate in e-commerce more intense desire. March 2010, Huang Wenhui officially resigned from the company, began in the e-commerce industry grassroots entrepreneurship.

development on the road

The online retail market

products provide more choices in a superb collection of beautiful things, at the same time, it also has more uncertainty. The beginning of Koppu has been screening, the establishment of the category of their own direction.

"was founded at the beginning of Koppu, product category involves slightly yellowed, alarm and bathroom are sold. However, due to the lack of understanding of the market, coupled with the lack of energy investment, and ultimately lead to these products are not starting >

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