On the eve of the eleven double they vied to take off the cross border hat

in October, although autumn wind blowing in a chill, but also brought the most vigorous promotions boom this year. But in the "double eleven" and "black five" of the two major electricity supplier Festival Eve, but a strange thing is a lot of middle platform quietly. A senior game player in the cross-border electricity double eleven "off" before the cross-border "hat" them! What happened to


honey bud to build "ecological circle" the story is good?

in the cross-border business of these enterprises, the mother and child electricity supplier ran on the front line, which, honey bud action is larger.

as everyone knows, honey bud was founded in 2011, is the first Chinese import maternal sale mall. Note that the "import" maternal sale, excluding maternal domestic products. The main push platform bonded mode, and from 2013 onwards gained it real fund, Xianfeng Huaxing investment, Sequoia Capital and Baidu, the number of rounds of financing.

in early 2016, honey bud began to play cross-border ideas. Not only expand the FMCG and furniture supplies and other non maternal category, but also to seek cooperation in terms of recreation, hospitals, etc., to create a honey bud ecosystem". Honey bud has with the high-end private hospital amcare, early education institutions, red yellow blue children indoor recreational swimming hall brand different Yetai brand reached a cooperation, maternal health care, early education and family entertainment into the coverage of the honey bud.

in 48 after the new deal, the above cross-border imports of honey bud ratio has been greatly reduced, more domestic brands, general trade imports of goods and commodities have launched overseas direct mail.

, honey bud on domestic brands mainly concentrated in toys, children’s clothing and books; diapers, skin care and nutrition is still dominated by foreign brands, but the increase of China version goods and general merchandise trade channel ratio:


left the children’s clothing for domestic goods, the left side of the Japanese Pigeon for the Chinese version of the commodity


left for the general trade channel Japan Kao diapers, and shipped by third party merchants

is on the right side of cross-border electricity supplier channels Japan Kao diapers


Japanese direct mail skincare, and shipped by third party merchants

at the same time, the proportion of goods from the third party merchants are also increasing, and domestic goods and general trade import commodities. Consumers can not directly view these third party store information:


users can not directly enter these stores to view information

in addition, although the Logo platform has not changed, but the name of the web site has become a "Honey bud – maternal sale mall >

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