The first PE Taobao fund raising was halted no orders zero turnover


through the sale of private equity products and private equity funds to open Taobao store, the minimum is only 50 yuan…… China’s first PE institutions to raise funds through Taobao approach has been halted. February 25th, the reporter visited the field of the PE company, but found that at least six months ago has changed the office.

for the network fund-raising, the current regulatory authority is not clear, the disposal of the program is long, while emerging new forms, laws and regulations to be followed up and other issues." Tianjin Jinnuo partner of law firm Guo Weifeng said.

Taobao shop no orders and turnover

"all products are in stock price sales price 20 percent off. We will create the smallest share of private equity investors, 1 yuan is also private equity investors…… Please log Phoenix capital Taobao sales platform http://s.**." Recently, Phoenix Capital Asset Management Group Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Phoenix capital") director general manager Feng Jin through Sina micro-blog, Sina blog, WeChat, micro-blog and other Internet Tencent, using the name "Phoenix capital’s first private equity fund of new sales model of" several bursts of information, sales of the company’s products.

but now the relevant information has been deleted, only more than the Phoenix capital customer service, QQ number, there is a description of its Taobao sales platform information.

"we didn’t do it, the message wasn’t real." Feng Jin on February 25th at noon, this reporter in a telephone in a hurry to hang up.

reporter through Baidu snapshots to get these deleted content, and from the side of the informed sources confirmed these content.

, according to informed sources, in February 18th, Phoenix capital Taobao sales platform has 5 private equity funds and equity in the sale of products, the price is 50 yuan to 130 yuan, only for the purchase of "advance communication and customer service staff, understand the relevant situation".

was originally seen on Phoenix’s WeChat account, which has never been heard of before. 5 product information are not explained, do not know what the specific investment, product type is not explained, all information is very vague. Prior to the network has also been fund-raising ‘micro media’ at least there are rules, product description is also more clear, but also held a meeting." The insider continued.

according to our reporter, Phoenix capital has replaced the official WeChat customer service account in February 21st.

Taobao told reporters, "get news reports, we found that the products have not been approved by the relevant provisions of the state, the spirit of responsible attitude to consumers, the Phoenix capital shop and the baby were removed." And confirmed to reporters that the informant is the above interview with the insider.

It is worth mentioning that

, Phoenix capital claims in the propaganda, "created a new"

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