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Director Wang

Tsinghua Institute recently led a low-key private investment bank public investment institutions visited in Shenzhen Nanshan Software Park entrepreneurial company Tesco. 6-7 investment institutions come with Tesco. The core team of technology products and a gathering of many people in the meeting room, investment institutions friends immediately from exchange found the different entrepreneurial company genes, with the popular trend of traditional enterprise online services on behalf of the operators, the company focused on individual Internet users of the service. Entrepreneurial team by Tencent and Taobao technology products constitute the core subject of thunder team.

It is the Internet

Tesco operating team senior business solutions. The main team team of experts, Tesco has personally kept the Martha Marceau module, LVSHOU, together with purchase etc. in recent years the Internet most fashionable, specific online really make e-commerce company of gold and silver solution planning. Before three years, 07 years on the Internet come into fashion Gai network, online part-time business property website, the website has entered the national top three part-time people, from the division manager. Attention to individual users, focusing on the needs of individual users of online business part-time, to provide you with convenient tools and basic applications, has become a group of young people entrepreneurial ideal. Begin with simple things, after nearly a year of development, since May of this year officially launched operations, since August released version second, users through word-of-mouth and Internet itself. Tesco resources integration, has reached more than one hundred thousand individual users to join, every day thousands of sales orders. The model of individual specific part-time entrepreneurial needs understanding, has caused concern and support, including Baidu Taobao and Tencent stakeholders.

exchange in investment institutions will be on the operation of financial data in July and October, Tesco total management system inside the monthly growexponentially, let institutions and private investors saw the growth of the project itself has a super. Based on meeting the needs of individual users of entrepreneurship and part-time, but also with the current harmonious society to encourage their own entrepreneurial social atmosphere fit. The next step, Tesco programming model of the whole platform and user training system, and caused a further interest in investment banking. For the proposed model. The private Tesco Angel Investment Corporation and from the green view, Tesco. Architect Yang Gang categorically denied, early operating funds from Hongkong independent third party investment company specific background.


platform itself is such a concept, simple things repeat, to meet the public demand, to meet individual needs, life is a journey of a practice, only the best, more close to success when the more simple, it allows us to see the Tesco model, when the family is doing business application of Red Sea melee. It relies on Tesco core team and the existing architecture of data model, we can see that the popular user business part-time money demand, practice will have some success.

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