Survey 11 brand war during the tragic price war

once a year shopping Carnival "double 11" rujierzhi, although many electricity providers, "double 11" is not on the surface of the sales amount, can let you earn a bowl full of pots. But for them, "double 11" has a more important significance – the best opportunity for brand promotion.

double 11 is now the stage of the major electricity supplier competition, electricity providers want to break it had to try a more diversified promotion. However, the seemingly good multi-channel promotion is more like a double-edged sword, sales increased at the same time, operating costs are rising. But after a few years, double 11 baptism, the major electricity providers have begun to implement fine management, how to effectively participate in the double 11, enhance brand promotion, has become a widespread concern in the industry. On this issue, the reporter interviewed a well-known network promotion platform brand treasure relevant person in charge.

first, the promotion of the channel should be tilted to the mobile terminal. In recent years, mobile shopping has been showing a full blowout trend, according to the survey report of the United States second major payment network MasterCard shows that nearly 6 of Chinese online shoppers prefer to use mobile phone online shopping, rather than personal computers. Mobile phone side of the rise, so that the flow of electricity providers more fragmented, increasing the difficulty of getting the business, but also enhance the operating costs. Therefore, the mobile terminal has been an extension of the site can not be ignored".


brand treasure platform

through the integration of resources and third party platform, you can achieve the entire network coverage of the promotion. For example, brand treasure, in addition to providing PC browser, Sogou browser, Tencent end display channels, but also covers the Sogou numbers through Tencent, mobile phone QQ, mobile phone, mobile phone housekeeper Tencent QQ browser and other mobile terminal platform." Brand treasure responsible person said.


website brand treasure before and after contrast

QQ trusted name card "Secondly,

should pay attention to the word of mouth in social media. The nodes in the "double 11" almost universal binge, consumers tend to buy products and share their love of friends, if we can in this process to generate word-of-mouth effect, is undoubtedly a strong brand promotion, which requires the article in social media. With 820 million months of active accounts of social media QQ, naturally become the platform for the promotion of many enterprises "coveted". It is reported that after the official website to verify the brand treasure website, the link to the user through the process of QQ transmission, Logo, can be a perfect display of enterprise core information, coupled with the certification authority V standard, can greatly enhance user confidence, increase the click rate.


website through brand treasure link integrity certification plus V display

moreover, to protect the brand image. "Double 11" period >

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