WeChat open platform to get together Bibi threshold fee which cost effective


shop blossom everywhere, Jingdong’s pat micro shop finally himself "from the lower figure", officially announced in 2015 from the seller’s platform using fee, commission deduction and cash payment service fee. This preferential policy looks awesome in the seller? Whether can deter the other WeChat


billion state power network combing including pat micro shop, micro shop, like Jingdong (formerly pocket pass), micro shop (‘s pocket shopping), MSI at present stage 5 major domestic WeChat shop class service fee policy, to see one or two.


from the margin point of view, Jingdong’s two platforms are still relatively high threshold platform. At present, the Jingdong settled micro shop businesses need to pay 20000 yuan deposit, and settled in the micro pat shop merchant category according to different pay 1000/6000 yuan two tranches of deposit.

it is worth noting that the original Jingdong POP platform has been settled or pat Network, has paid margin businesses, the opening of the Jingdong micro shop or pat micro shop, you do not need to pay a deposit.

according to pat Network relevant responsible person said, at present, pat micro shop merchants mainly from the original pat Network merchant, the lower the threshold, mainly to attract more non pat Network businesses (including more individual businesses).

margin payment, mainly in order to ensure the integrity of the owner. In addition, pat micro shop margin, in the store after the real deal was drawn to pat account." The responsible person to explain to the billion state power network.

in the platform fee, pat micro shop, micro Jingdong store, praise, micro pocket shopping stores are taking the free strategy union this link to charges, but the cost is unknown. MSI said the fee covers the whole store scheme for the enterprise to provide the service fee.


Commission (i.e., Zambia, Koudian) micro shop, MSI is free, free pat micro shop in 2015, the Jingdong of the micro store investment policy shows that businesses need to pay 0.6%~6% ranging from koudian.

and transaction fees (cash withdrawals) are generally determined by the payment of the enterprise, micro shop tools are difficult to interfere, but most of them take the form of subsidies. At present, pat micro shop announced a year subsidy policy, and try to have MSI subsidies and half a year’s pocket shopping micro shop there subsidy policy, but did not disclose the time limit.

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