Taobao open shop agent how to do Need to pay attention to what

if 5 years ago, someone asked you, where the first pot of gold in your life? You may answer, do not hesitate to Taobao! And now 5 years later, if someone asked you, would you like to go to Taobao to earn your first pot of gold? Maybe, your answer has already become a: pro, Taobao has out, WeChat faster. What’s more, Taobao has been done bad, the chance of survival is too small.

but is that the case?

I don’t want to deny your answer. I just want to tell you what I think.

ask, if Taobao now have burst table, why there are many people diligently to the Taobao shop, shop agent to do? In fact, the reason is unwilling to act and not action is the biggest motivation.

unwilling to act is the will, I can not control you. One day you think will naturally start. And will not act, it is to open Taobao, shop agent to do the best lethal weapon. Only solve this fatal point, you will have the opportunity to break the fence to make a living.

exactly how to do, in order to open a good Taobao, shop agent do not worry, look at my experience you will know.

first, ask yourself: do you really want to do the source?

open Taobao shop agent, in fact, is to sell things. And selling things have something to sell. So, before the action, the first thing to find the hand. Of course, I personally recommend, or agents of their own interest in the supply of better. Because you are interested, you will be acting it, understand it, go deep into it, fall in love with it, and then be able to make the most of your customers like it. However, it should be noted that, when you do someone else shop agent, we must first get the Lord’s support, otherwise it involves infringement problem.

secondly, mining opportunities to identify the needs of users.

any agent shop to do well, the owner of the good eloquence. Don’t underestimate the eloquence training, sometimes, you a word to the consumer inside, or you can bring unlimited business opportunities. Here, come to suggest that you don’t believe those who open the training class at random, are costly. The best way is to go to a number of online shop agent forum cat to see how people say, how to do, what problems encountered, how to solve the problem. In this way, when you run your own agent shop later, it will become more and more convenient. Quietly tell you oh, often cat in the group of experts, but also to find them aimed at user needs, mining opportunities idea yo.

focus: grasp the "

" on the inner core

an old saying that people rely on clothes, beauty by beautiful dress. No beautiful and exquisite "surface", consumers are reluctant to talk to you. Therefore, we should do a good job shop agent, do not forget to grasp the source and business opportunities in these two internal core based on the store to grasp the surface". For example, shop decoration. In this respect, build

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