Trading treasure CEO Zhang Xiaowei do not have a phone with Tencent


by the big Q phone, the sale of treasure in the past is very low-key electricity supplier companies, fast for the industry. Especially for Tencent holdings background, so that the sale of treasure launched mobile phones and even interpreted as Tencent to enter the mobile phone industry, but also indirectly promote Tencent shares rose more than 4%.

but in an interview with the author, the sale of treasure CEO Zhang Xiaowei denied this statement, he said the big Q mobile phone from the project to the final name pricing listed, the sale of treasure is completely independent decision, in Zhang Xiaowei’s words:

" very disgusted with the sale of treasure what decisions are linked with Tencent, the sale of treasure to do mobile phone Tencent anything."

so, the sale of treasure this year, 2 billion of the electricity supplier revenue of the company, and the relationship between the major shareholder of Tencent is how to buy and sell treasure on the mobile phone product appeal point is what? See below:

1 Zhang Xiaowei: Tencent do phone is not reasonable.

in 2012, Tencent and HUAWEI cooperation in the mobile phone project, Zhang Xiaowei had to participate in the negotiations with the electricity supplier experts in terms of Tencent.

Zhang Xiaowei said that in this cooperation, he felt the attitude of Tencent executives for the mobile phone industry chain: awe.

because of this fear, Tencent in the past few years has always maintained a good cooperative relationship with the mobile phone industry chain, including the promotion of cooperation projects with Foxconn, and HUAWEI enjoy the love of cooperation projects. But Tencent did not go deep into the mobile phone industry chain, has always been the role of software value-added service providers.

even Tencent CEO Ma Huateng has publicly said that Tencent will not do the phone. For this statement, Zhang Xiaowei’s view is big promise is a normal thing, can confirm that Tencent will not do mobile phone, mobile phone is the key Tencent products are not reasonable, the reasons include:

(1) hardware supply chain threshold is not low, Tencent will not risk.

(2) and mobile phone manufacturers existing cooperative relationship;

(3) Tencent as a software value-added service providers, there is no need to go deep into the industrial chain.

2 to do business is a mobile phone company’s independent behavior.

trading treasure in 2012 to establish Q mobile phone project, after the sale of treasure has been 5 years of mobile phone sales experience, with Zhang Xiaowei saying: "we have sold a mobile phone for 7 years", the reason why only now do mobile phone, there are two main reasons:

(1) mobile phone accessories prices lower. In the past, the phone hardware is very expensive, the price of large Q mobile phone can not get the corresponding level of hardware.

(2) trading treasure electricity supplier users mainly for low-income groups. Today, these users are also gradually enough income to support their use of smart phones.

to make such a decision, the sale of treasure to major shareholders >

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