How to choose the domain registrar and agent

many webmasters have not distinguished the relationship between the Registrar and the agent. Currently in the domestic common international domain name registrar only other agents are.

Registrar can apply for numerous agents. Because the current domestic agent management is not standardized. Basically each registrar under the agent, you can control the domain name of the domain name password information. So often in the domain name transfer, domain name transfer card.

generally, transactions must replace the replacement for the agents, buyers are familiar with the agents, at least in the future management and ownership, is not difficult. When the agent registration is very cheap, renew when any fare, or renewals, can not find the agent. In turn you must renew or add money to roll out.

how to query your domain name is registered under which the international domain name through the domain name can be found through the which is your registrar.

domain name transfer and transfer (transfer agent)

domain name transfer is to change the name of the owner, are generally required by the Registrar, mail transfer agreement and the identity card to the Registrar, 3-5 days transfer.

domain transfer is the domain name transfer agents, such as the mutual transfer of 2 agents under the new network, the mutual transfer of 2 agents under the network.

domain name only at the same time the transfer and transfer of households (transfer agent) case, it is more secure.

how to transfer registrar

general agent is more trouble, it takes time. Seller to provide a copy of the identity of the domain name of the owner, the Registrar of the domain name transfer application form, mailed to the Registrar, usually in 5-10 days to get out of the password. And then into the Registrar’s control panel, enter the domain name + transfer password can be. Another 5-10 days, through 2 mail authentication. Basically to transfer, but the precondition is that before and after the 60 day of the domain name registration renewal. Domain owner clear, there is no dispute.

domain name transfer agent (transfer) Raiders

new network to provide the domain name password management can be submitted under the new agent can be transferred, immediately after the success of the consent of the original agent can also be

nets need original agent transfer operation in the domain management, submit a new agent ID, and the new mail agent. Immediate transfer. (new registration or renewal after 15 days.

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