American Hui Wen only two or three group purchase can survive

, vice president of the U.S. Wang Huiwen said in an interview, group purchase is actually a very good business model, not only to meet the needs of consumers, but also meet the needs of businessmen, is a real value creation business model. At present, the "winter" is the international capital market environment is not good, the domestic group purchase website due to excessive pre burn. Wang Huiwen believes that the future of the industry to buy only two or three can survive, one of the largest may occupy about seventy percent of the market share.

The following excerpt is

, view of Wang Huiwen:


group purchase business model can not only satisfy the consumers, but also meet the business, is a win-win business model, this is the most fundamental element. Look at the history of the Internet can be found, the rapid development of the business model, it is because it met, touched some very core, very essential needs, and ultimately will become a very successful business model.

group purchase the substantial growth in the size of the overall market, the U.S. group net turnover of 20% month growth rate is a good example of this, after all, the desire of consumers to buy is very strong, to see who could live by radical to robust control of speed and control obvious expansion of enterprise advantage.

Why would the

group purchase industry appears in winter, there are several factors: first, the capital market in the United States from the us that winter is coming, began to fall, do not look back, has been in the fall; second, group purchase industry before spending too much, this is not to blame others, don’t blame China and US economies only blame her spending. We are very restrained, that led to a lot of pressure, but also give you the impression left stingy. We are throwing money, we occasionally suspect that is not the wrong idea, and now it is proved that the idea of spending money is not reliable.

actually, it’s a spring for us, not a winter. Because we are fully prepared before, so we have a positive impact. In effect, the layoffs financial tensions, some websites are no longer pursuing violence "underwriting, subsidies" to talk about a single way, not malicious poaching talent, no longer grab the mad scramble for advertising and marketing resources. In turn, means that there is talk about a single pressure decrease and obtain rational marketing talent change, adequate capital reserves and the cost control of enterprise.

in the view of the capital market, there will always be a total of two or three industry, not to say do not do, at least live. The first may account for 60% to 70% share, second may be accounted for 20% to 30%, the last two comparison, if the first is a market value of $10 billion, second may be a billion to over $2 billion, it might, market size is two times worse, but the market value may be five or six times worse.

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