The industry said that no taxes for online stores to take the chicken raising

network can provide employment and other similar enterprise social security system as the network of small and medium enterprises, financing or convenience? Around the statistical jobs, should not put the network employment statistics in


Jian Guangzhou: at present, the number of online employment Taobao offers about how many people?

Liang Chunxiao: as of the end of 2009, Taobao has created 808 thousand and 800 direct and full employment opportunities to promote logistics, payment, marketing and other industrial chain jobs of 2 million 305 thousand and 100.

Jane: all over the country to take a lot of measures to promote employment, as far as you know, the network is also included in the employment of many of them?

Liang Chunxiao: This is a lot of places to do, but the extent and scope are not the same. The problem of network employment is not only a livelihood issue, but also a national strategic issue. It is not only a question of understanding, but also a question of policy.

in the traditional field, we are lack of jobs, in the new economy, many of our customers are faced with a problem. There are not enough people to join in the new economy and the new jobs and jobs that come from the internet. This will form a bottleneck, will hinder and inhibit the development of the Internet industry. So this is not only the people’s livelihood, but also related to national strategy.

this is the concept of the problem, many college students still attach great importance to the civil service, the new economy in the field of employment opportunities they may not pay attention to.

Jian Guangzhou: they have not seen the advantage from the side or has not yet formed a demonstration effect.

Liang Chunxiao: right. Therefore, I suggest that the community vigorously publicity, so that we recognize that the Internet is a huge employment channels.

is not enough to pay attention to the employment of the network and policy aspects, the country has not kept up with the policy support. That is to say, for the small and medium enterprises on the Internet and other enterprises with the same social security system, or financing facilities. This brings about a new problem, that is, how to understand the problem of network employment. If you do not think that the Internet is a new way of employment, then the protection will not be able to talk about. Around the statistical jobs, is not the network should also be included in the employment statistics


at the same time, from a policy point of view, the network of entrepreneurship or online employment can also provide the same support as traditional industries, these places have begun to do, but still far from enough. We want it to be a national policy.

Jian Guangzhou: what aspects of policy support do you want?

Liang Chunxiao: first of all, the network employment into the country’s social security and statistics. Second is to encourage employment measures, but also to include the network employment.

standard shop certainly necessary

talk about online tax: we do not oppose the tax, but to appeal to the government for this network

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