Clothing B2C off the marketing cycle

compared to the traditional clothing business is concerned, means and effect of network marketing is more and more high pole, especially in terms of price, won the consumer generally Pro gaze, after all equal items or by way of saving money to buy more to have the sense of achievement, this is a big psychological characteristics of consumption. A Mr. Li in the clothing business B2C said, in the traditional clothing stores in the "discount", "price increase", "greater discount", "high price" marketing circles, clothing shop has its relatively low price, simple and stylish design, convenient to buy, attract more and more young people to participate, especially before the Spring Festival approaching, he has also ushered in the new year sales season in the online apparel store.

indeed, with the need to rent a store, do not recruit the shop staff compared to the cost of the clothing store is much higher. With the brand clothing store as an example, the major shopping malls high access fees, renovation costs, more than 30% of sales into various patterns, management fees, fees, sponsorship fees listed layer, frequent promotion activities, all of these costs are to be borne by the garment enterprises themselves. In order to survive, many companies only virtual price. Promotion of the growing momentum, clothing prices are also more standard more high, this vicious spiral eventually led to businesses and consumers.

Mr. Wei

JCRS online mall marketing general manager believes that the success of the online clothing store is able to timely capture the elements of fashion, and with the rapid reaction mechanism of electronic commerce, the production cycle is reduced to a minimum, so as to provide more cost-effective products for consumers. With these brand clothing enterprises to enter the e-commerce, online shopping clothes off the traditional business marketing cycle, began to flow from the past consumption, and gradually developed into one of the mainstream social consumption patterns.

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