Taobao once again described the price of the original price is disabled

news October 11th, following the goods not to take to change the price of "description, the day before, Taobao rules to revise the" standard "Taobao released Taobao price, the seller is not marked" original "in the title of the goods, nor in the picture, the description of the goods and other goods to add" original "propaganda description. The new regulations have been formally implemented.

according to the new regulations explained that this is because businesses may not be able to accurately understand the original meaning of the original price, once the misuse will constitute a price fraud and may infringe on the interests of consumers. Therefore, if the business violates the above content, Taobao will be on the shelves of goods or information processing.

billion state power network to understand, whether online or offline, "the original price…… Now only……" The format of promotion by merchants always pursued, such as "the end of season sales price 298, now only 108 nopostage!", "the original price 1700 yuan, the current price of 50 percent off, only 850 yuan!", for this phenomenon and even altered lyrics, "the original price is more than and 100, more than and 200, more than and 300 of the purse, all 20 block".

but in fact, the promotion of popular consumer criticism, because the promotional language marked the original price is often not the original price, but to attract businesses to attract people out of the price. According to the relevant provisions of the law on the protection of consumer rights, consumers enjoy the right to know the purchase or use of the goods or services of the true situation.

at present, consumers in Taobao search, the original price, will be displayed in accordance with relevant laws and regulations and policies, can not display the ‘original’ related baby".


on the other hand, the business organization to participate in Taobao promotions marked price from the original "real baby price or other sales Yetai price changes to the" real and effective by comparing prices, Taobao did not explain the move on.

at the same time, if Taobao found that businesses in violation of price commitments, after verification of the situation will be directly frozen, draw the merchant’s margin, in order to buy the baby who first payment".

specific amendments are as follows:

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