A 30 million financing investment will access the WeChat mobile terminal micro group purchase

speed transit network July 24th news, micro group purchase Gaopeng will be launched as the first batch of partners to access WeChat payment in August. And Gaopeng has been confirmed to be from Groupon, Tencent jointly participate in the new round of financing, but not yet disclosed the specific amount.

for the flow of funds, Gaopeng market deputy director Nie Juntian expresses to fast road network, after the implementation of new financing, the future will increase in commodity group purchase of mobile O2O, innovation focus on continued investment.

it is understood that the micro group purchase and its APP is the main business of mobile terminal Gaopeng, Gaopeng CEO lin ning said, vigorously develop the line and mobile end user experience, will be the focus of future. Lin ning said: "such as movies and we will QQ group purchase, movie tickets with joint operations, looking forward to adding preferential reservations, WeChat public account services and other products, to enhance the user experience."

Lin Ning said that with the popularity of group purchase, businesses from passive access, can be transformed into now offline sellers can more independent publishing group purchase information, and will achieve preferential, group purchase, reservation, WeChat public service platform and other products linkage.

for the commodity group purchase, lin ning said, the current monthly commodity trading volume Gaopeng group purchase has 100 million yuan, the total turnover of about 30% operations, is nearing profitability.

now, Gaopeng yet publicly disclosed the specific amount of this round of financing, the main institutional shareholders, by Tencent, Groupon and Jun linked capital structure. However, informed sources, the current round of financing amounted to more than $30 million.

, senior Internet observers, speed transit network deputy editor Ding Tao said that the value of WeChat is to provide an open platform, can see the future of map navigation, check the purchase of goods, hotel reservations, buy movie tickets, listen to music by WeChat and so on, can achieve almost all Internet service application. He said: This is the beginning of the micro test the water to start, the future of WeChat will be a full range of access to commercial services." (Wang Yunyi)

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