Haier CEO Zhang Ruimin exposure layoffs cut 10 thousand people this year

[Abstract] the object of this year’s layoffs is mainly in the middle, because the manufacturing business intelligence reduces the number of employment.

Beijing daily news (reporter Sun Congying), the number of employees at the beginning of last year, 86 thousand people by the end of to reduce to 70 thousand people, the proportion of layoffs was 18%. This year is expected to cut 10 thousand people." Recently, Haier CEO Zhang Ruimin to attend a business forum in admit layoffs, said the layoffs will continue in this year based on last year, and is mainly targeted at the middle, because the manufacturing business intelligence reduces the amount of labor.

in recent years, Zhang Ruimin has repeatedly stressed the need to use the Internet thinking transformation of the manufacturing industry, in order to achieve intelligent unmanned manufacturing environment. In addition to Haier, the major household electrical appliance enterprises are reducing the amount of labor. As early as the end of 2012, Foxconn began to promote the production line robots. And said that in 2014 to create 300 thousand robots, to replace the production line monotonous, repetitive, high-risk work. At present, Beijing BOE 8.5 generation line panel plant has enabled a large number of robot operators.

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