Tencent open platform is not long plagued millions of entrepreneurs

new CEO plastic plastic oxygen Venus is the O2O APP service of Beijing entrepreneurs, new oxygen plastic currently has more than 50 employees, 1 million users have a branch but only 1-3 individuals in the country, he wanted to let these men in branch Tencent entrepreneurial base, here’s office won’t pay the rent.


office belongs to Tencent is the deployment of the entrepreneurial base plan, is expected to build 20 base in the country this year, for the rest of the developers to provide free office space, tax relief, traffic exposure and other policy support. At present, Beijing, Wuhan, Xiamen, Hangzhou, Shanghai city business base have been landing and the opening to accept the development team settled.

Tencent said the project is to let developers from the previous "bag" to "get in" — the only thing they have to do is to do. Now, Lin Songtao, vice president of Tencent Inc social networking business group is planning another thing: in Hainan also set up a business base.

in all the people are concerned about WeChat and that the future of all the Tencent to rely on it, Tencent inside a more mysterious team than WeChat began to surface – Tencent open platform. If WeChat can change the fate of the traditional company, then Tencent open platform to change, is Tencent’s own future.

Ma Huateng and the Tencent executives have seen three years ago, the future competition is the competition between the open platform, who has the most developers, who will be able to satisfy the user, who is more powerful competitiveness.

from 500 thousand to 1 billion 300 million

Ma Huateng in contact with entrepreneurs, often asked: is this the best time to do poineering work now there is an opportunity, Ma Huateng believes that the open platform is the best opportunity for entrepreneurs in the future.

open in 2009 has been discussed in the Tencent. With the increasing number of users of Tencent, only 20 thousand employees of the Tencent may not demand of each user is developed by Tencent, to do an open platform, do entrepreneurs "utility", rely on entrepreneurs to meet thousands on thousands of billions of users demand for many products Tencent. In Tencent’s open platform, not only users, developers and Tencent three parties, as well as government and venture capital fund. Tencent trying to make outstanding projects on the open platform to help develop more professional development path through venture capital.

WIFI partner CEO Lian Zhiyao started in July 2012, six months after the user reached about 1000000, in April 2013 to get angel investment. In the second half, Tencent open platform to find the Lian Zhiyao, when the incubation base of Tencent has not been perfect, WIFI partner began off-site incubation. Initially, the idea of Tencent Lian Zhiyao, values are not very understanding, many aspects of the practice of WIFI partners have doubts. To support the plan after the communication becomes comfortable, even Zhi Yao joined the Tencent starting the application treasure plan, each starting will attract many users, continue to increase.

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