Large scale universal web site registration began recruiting public network company secretly made a

days ago, reporters from a reliable way to learn, Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) will start a new round of business registration recruitment in the country. According to relevant sources, the scope of the recruitment of a wide range of unprecedented strength. Although CNNIC official website has not given the recruitment of more specific information, but around the Internet companies have begun secretly competing force.

is known to all, the general web site has been with Zhou Hongyi’s 3721 fierce competition in the market, but since the merger of YAHOO into the system has become a nobody’s child". The past two years has already disappeared. In 3721 out of the market, has become the common URL address bar currently dominate the strong products. There is such a market competition, it is no wonder that the size of this year’s general web site channel recruitment is much larger than in the past, it was revealed that the region involved in the recruitment of more than a dozen provinces in more than and 50 regions.

in fact, the generic URL of this product has been launched for several years, the market is relatively mature, there is a high market visibility. Now, the general web site is not only a high rate of use in the enterprise, and even government agencies and institutions have also enabled the general web site. The opening of the authority will undoubtedly play a good role model, which is the general web site sales, is a very big positive.

Internet users through the browser address bar directly enter the keyword to be able to access the corporate website, the major search engines and web portals also have entrance, universal web site can be said that the user channel web site covering the Internet mainstream, while the ordinary web site a year registration fee is only 500 yuan. This high cost makes the universal URL popular in small and medium enterprises. As a result, over the years, the general web site sales throughout the country has been a steady growth, a large number of general web site registered to stand out, grow into a local and even the country’s well-known Internet companies. For the urgent need to grow the network company, general web site is a suitable and stable sales of products.

it is worth noting that, in addition to CNNIC as the authority and stability of the registration authority, the stability of the channel policy is also a key point for the registrar. All along, CNNIC set up a relatively independent and stable service area for each registrar. Market analysts pointed out that this policy is not only conducive to the Registrar to concentrate on developing market and cultivating the market, more important is to avoid vicious competition, to ensure the steady development of the market, but also to protect the interests of the registered users. According to reports, the CNNIC channel recruitment, will continue to be the exclusive policy of this region of the registrar. Some of the original channels did not cover the region, this time will also recruit exclusive registrar.

marketing experts believe that due to the common. There are many areas and no registration business, so there is a lot of inter provincial registration, and even local enterprises to go to Beijing to register a precedent. As a result, some regions in the past did not have regional registration, but there are a large number of registered users. For the channel has always been known as the general web site, this is a large-scale recruitment

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