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continues to successfully ending 2016 Hangzhou – Yunxi conference 4 days. The flying · evolution as the theme of cross-border integration of science and technology conference attracted 40 thousand participants from around the world’s 58 countries and regions, more than 7 million people watched the live webcast. Tens of thousands of square meters of innovative exhibition experience area, as well as countless domestic and foreign science and technology full debut black. This is not so much an exhibition, it is an unprecedented science and technology event.


commercial wing invited to participate in cloud habitat conference

as Ali cloud gold co organizer, Qinhuangdao wing wing network technology Co., Ltd. participated in the assembly. Commercial wing booth layout full sense of fashion, the momentum of the exhibition hall, red and white as the main line of the booth, the appropriate product information display. These are the site layout and professional elite team taking the wing lining, without revealing the passion of the wing network business spirit and the Internet to create first-class brand to



City business ecosystem

the most popular

down to earth.

this year to our business wing booth visited it? No, it does not matter, the following Xiaobian take you to review our cloud habitat trip!

of the general assembly, taking the wing to create the perfect electricity supplier ecosystem, promote regional economic development of the electricity supplier "as the theme, comprehensive display of the enterprise Internet service software products, including" taking wing wing · mall "," taking wing · small Jingdong + "and" taking wing wing Logistics & middot; "and" taking wing · cloud ERP "," ·’s wing; wing cashier "," taking wing · cloud product "and more in line with the electricity supplier development and operation form of" taking wing wing · operation ". In the field of electricity supplier data practice, taking the wing with enterprise customers to provide powerful, flexible and accurate marketing mall system solution for the guests and the audience, more than a thousand copies of promotional materials to the booth to be swept away.


business wing team and customer depth exchange

‘s wing booth by the LED display screen, computer operation and demonstration, customer case and mode of cooperation demonstrated by taking the wing on independent research and development of strong electricity supplier products to participants, and the depth of communication with customers, the guests praise!

wonderful speech and live interactive

In addition, the wing of the joint founder of the

published the theme of how to create a perfect city electricity supplier ecosystem, a wonderful speech, introduced the city’s electricity supplier development team building, distribution,

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