Baidu micro purchase turned out to occupy the hot product search page

B2C electricity supplier operations, user registration process to simplify and improve the experience has been the focus of the operation, whether it is an account of the exchange or anonymous purchase order for the convenience of users, improve conversion. Recently I accidentally found Baidu search results appear in Baidu applications Baidu micro purchase, but the ranking is very far, as shown in Figure:


I noticed the application version for the BETE version, that is: "Baidu micro purchase offer quick purchase channels for the majority of users, without registration, fast orders, cash on delivery, eliminating the cumbersome registration and payment process. Micro purchase all goods are provided by the well-known large online mall, genuine guarantee." I think that the application is already out, specially in the Baidu search "Baidu micro purchase, but did not find any issue.


as a user specific about the experience of the application, the application of a clear reminder: buy fast, need not be registered, 100% authentic, I try to find simple orders, fill in the information can directly purchase orders.



data from the current point of view, the basic for the 1st shop goods, and the goods support cash on delivery, the two is a guess, the application may be Baidu cooperation with these large electricity providers to promote B2C products, two is similar to the Baidu shopping open platform data, third parties can submit the form of data. The local wine network ( website edit submission, buy home wine on the local famous


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