October 20% buy site over a month is not updated

‘s largest shopping search engine Amoy network yesterday released October report. The report shows that in October there are 20% domestic buy site for more than a month did not update the product, to maintain the updated site is only about 21%.


report of October, through search, access statistics and analysis of consumer group purchase industry trading volume data, and targeted research for group purchase of consumers, consumer trends and interpretation of the user group purchase industry status quo.

from the overall volume of transactions, in October China’s group buying market turnover fell by 11% in the month of September, the total transaction volume of physical goods group and life service group only flat with June. A scouring network analysts believe that the eleven golden week holiday is the main cause of China’s group buying industry in October the sharp decline in turnover.

The monitoring data of

Amoy network show that as of the end of October, the domestic group purchase site has more than 20% (20.5%) did not update the site more than goods a month, that is to say at the end of October, more than 5 thousand group purchase websites in China in more than 1000 group purchase website has stopped updating, or shut down the website.

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