Rookie network the logistics industry electronic surface alone accounted for over 50%

news on June 24th, it was learned that the general manager of the rookie network express business Philippine green revealed today, according to the rookie’s statistics, the current logistics industry electronic single use has accounted for more than 50%.

electronic single screenshot

is reported that, unlike the traditional paper surface single, electronic surface is a single efficient, environmentally friendly information sheet. Through the transfer of data, rookie network electronic single face system can be linked to courier companies, businesses and consumers of data.

from the beginning of May last year, the rookie network joint three through one of the top 14 mainstream courier companies to launch electronic surface, the major courier companies and businesses can apply for free access. Rookie network express general manager of the Department of Fei Qing said: the courier company’s data show that the use of electronic single face, delivery speed can be increased by more than 30%."


implementation process, by the courier company to advance logistics rookie number, in the courier company advance logistics single number range, the courier company authorized to send rookie logistics single number launched the service of the seller, the seller when the sales orders and logistics demand, the seller can bind in logistics bill numbers, production logistics single surface information, and through the thermal paper printing paper logistics side single.

it is understood that, in addition to in-depth cooperation in electronic surface unilateral, rookie network recently will be also Tong, tact and other partners to start big data routing of single project, big data routing of single project will be able to do accurate sorting, improve the operation efficiency of internal express company.

in addition, rookie also launched several big data products based on the whole business chain, such as rookie Joint High German maps and large data processing of the 4 level address database can match the consumer delivery address to the structured township / street. With these architecture address information, you can provide a more accurate route planning and distribution, through the way of big data, effectively help courier companies to improve service.

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