On the network marketing of small and medium sized enterprises from the perspective of nurse pornogr

in recent years with the continuous development of the Internet, the increasing number of Internet users, a lot of manufacturing network hot events, or by using the network hot events do network marketing personal, professional network marketing organization. In particular, such as pornographic doors can cause the majority of Internet users to click on the popular events, but also engaged in the network event marketers will be subject matter. From that year, Edison Chan pornographic door to the present female nurse pornographic door, we can find that there are engaged in the network event marketing figure.

is usually considered, because of network event marketing requires a lot of manpower, material and financial resources, so this kind of marketing is more suitable for high visibility, high value products or as big brand products, not suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises or low value products. In fact, in addition to the big brands, the other can also do network marketing events, but sometimes may be done cottage, the effect is not necessarily ideal. From this point of view, the author divides the network event marketing into the event marketing of the big brand product and the event marketing of the common product.

(a) big brand of network event marketing, or big business network event marketing.

this type of enterprise has sufficient strength to create their own hot events. As everyone knows the "ban Wang Laoji" from post event marketing, forum posting, and later on the network media and traditional media have reported. As the original content that want to buy light like Wang Laoji, many local shopping malls, there really is Wang Laoji stock phenomenon for a period of time. The event marketing and the degree of success needless to say. Of course, there are also considered to spend a lot of energy, and the effect is not ideal, the network event marketing, such as Lenovo, "female" was a lot of people in the industry believe that this is a typical case.

(two) ordinary product network event marketing, or small and medium enterprises, and even individual level network event marketing.

such enterprises due to the limited strength, usually not their own hot events, but the use of popular events to do marketing. Of course, there are active planning of the hot events of SMEs, but the impact is limited, most people do not know. Here exclude the hype behavior of star lotus does not talk. Network marketing behavior is relatively large enterprises big, we call such as copycat event marketing network. And cottage reflected in a more operational level.

this can be seen from the recruitment of many small and medium enterprises. Seen a network marketing expert cattle dealer network wrote a real case of Guangdong, Dongguan has an enterprise recruitment recruitment: write is web editor, is writing programs, websites, including web design and content editing, and free way to do network marketing business use. In other words, ask the applicant from the site’s original framework, to the back of the promotion work, all one person to bear. Remember the expert’s comment is that, in accordance with the requirements of the business owners, in addition to our board of directors (it is said that when the chairman was a young programmer, has done the art, is now a network marketing experts), we

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