Taobao Double Fun bitter taste the sweetness of the stores

national berserk dual eleven activities have ended, the major electricity supplier website benefit, Tmall mall with a total sales of 19 billion 100 million yuan way ahead. Taobao tasted the sweetness in the double eleven, began playing twelve rules frequently play double electricity supplier addiction, planning the next gold package plan, hoping to double tasted more sweetness, but in the fierce competition in the electricity business, the shops are always just bitter.


store is not timely delivery history on

suffered the biggest difference

buyers spent double eleven crazy shopping, enter and harvest is long wait, many netizens said the double eleven buy baby, just received telephone complaints last week, logistics will only double eleven promotion and so on it said too busy, only buyers of anger in the excitement of shopping to the sellers who. According to the Taobao store said: "after the double eleven promotion, participate in the activities of the commodity is sales increase, but the poor are increasing, the biggest complaint is that the speed of logistics, customer service, order speed especially in the double shopping, just started on the occasion, Taobao system collapse, causing many buyers very angry." Plus some stores in the activity, in order to meet the needs of customers, there may be the night to catch the baby goods phenomenon, sometimes lead to quality problems, after the double poor appearance, Taobao play double tasted the sweetness, when is a seller.

in case of insufficient funds bottleneck in the promotion of


during the double as long as consistent with the activity rules, and can participate in the double event, but for some small shop sellers, no reputation, no sales, they can only burn in Taobao promotion, improve their baby show opportunity, only let buyers know your shop, you can get more benefit in double shops, not only to promote the use of Taobao, but also the use of external promotion sources, such as the use of some stores, Amoy search engine marketing, the promotion costs are relatively high, resulting in a lot of small sellers not continue to participate in the activities of the promotion, double in shops is indeed a profit, but the investigation will find the most profitable or those big sellers, lower in baby price pressure, small sellers double tasted the sweetness, estimate are not enough promotion Cost. If you want to store in the crazy double in the taste of sweetness, should first solve the investment funds, or more than double also can only increase the pain.

stores ready against twelve

– coming, Taobao has launched the new rules, the promotion of a completely different double eleven, buyers and sellers interact, product promotion, the store to do those ready? First, ready to die for the striking slogan, only let buyers know your shop. Secondly, do the promotion plan, as long as you can participate in activities in accordance with the rules, but not all stores can get benefits, participate in activities at the same time, remember to specify the promotion plan, let your baby can have more opportunities to show in the event page, like this only then >

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