Google AdSense new features Preview easy management advertising unit

      we are pleased to inform you that we are about to release a new feature that allows you to easily manage your ad unit in the AdSense account.

      this new ad management feature allows you to save the settings of the ad unit in your account every time you create a new AdSense for Content ad unit code. After you have in the advertising code added to a web page, when you want to modify the ad unit settings, you no longer need to reconstruct advertising code and re paste to the web, but can directly modify the AdSense account. For example, if you want to change the text color of a 300×250 medium rectangular ad unit on a web page from red to blue, you just need a few mouse clicks in the account. Very cool! I hope this new process can be simplified to modify the function of ad units and saves you time):

      at present, the advertisement management function has not been released, we will launch this feature in the next few weeks, then we will be in the blog post to you said how to use this function. When you see this page in the "AdSense settings" tab in your account, you can use this new feature. The page looks like the following:



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