Turn out the domain name overlord terms

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in recent days from oray.cn out of a domain, causes them to renew too expensive, but also to use dynamic analysis of their need to cost. They may be agents of Xiamen Technology Industrial Co., Ltd., to see their transfer agreement. Do not know whether the provisions of the oray.cn or Xiamen master Technology Industrial Co., ltd..


please send the completed form, a member of the domain name registration, identity certificate and Domain Name Holder ID, (Appendix: if the information is a natural person, provide a copy of ID card; the person I Autographed if it is not a natural person, will provide business license code certificate; a copy or the official seal of the organization if the copy of the business license, it must cover effectively, then the annual chapter) form together with the original identification information sent to Xiamen 35 Internet Polytron Technologies Inc, for the transfer of registered business secret code.

Proficient in

Xiamen science and Technology Industrial Co. Ltd. special remind users: careful selection of transfer registration services, check and keep the password, because if the Registrar transfer error, password safekeeping and loss caused by the responsibility and are proficient in Xiamen science and Technology Industrial Co. Ltd., and caused all disputes and legal liability shall be borne by the domain name holder.



don’t be a mistake for them, they are irresponsible? As a domain name registrar, domain name registration or transfer to all services, the provisions of the provisions of the king, and can only be registered into cannot be transferred, or artificially produced out of difficulties, this is a reasonable company responsible for the behavior of


International Convention is sending code to transfer the domain domain name registration mailbox, which is so complicated, but also express the relevant written materials, if my data in a segment of their operations have been tampered with, in accordance with the above provisions don’t responsibility in my


I do not dare to operate, but the domain name in such a company where you can rest assured that


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