Electricity supplier price war evolution logic and Countermeasures


I world network operators with real brand tend to solve the conflict of online and offline. Such as, just with the line under the price strategy in the electricity industry foothold. In stark contrast, a large number of "channel type" of the local clothing brand has not yet effectively resolve the conflict.



network operators in the world Yang Qin


from the rapid decline, to smooth fluctuations, and finally slowly rising, an industry price index usually out of a smile curve.

is the first phase of the industry’s bonus period. When a new, more efficient circulation industry, a large number of businesses and consumers will flock in this period in the format from niche to mainstream. Consumers in the pursuit of cheap, but the business is profit.

The second phase of

is the period of efficiency consolidation. Electricity supplier has been able to provide a higher cost of products, because compared with the traditional channels, it is more efficient. But after the first stage to defeat the traditional business, companies need to strengthen the fine operation in this connection, the efficiency advantage of electricity providers to play to the extreme.

of course, another important theme of this stage is the distribution of benefits. When a more efficient format to occupy the mainstream, it will release a huge industry dividend, this dividend will be assigned to the entire industry chain. On the electricity supplier, the participants involved in the distribution of dividends, including downstream consumers, midstream channel, upstream brands and factories, as well as platforms, service providers, etc.. The result of the final allocation depends on the game between the participants.

The third stage of

is the brand. Because if you just stay in the second stage by price to win, although it is a way of thinking, but after all, can only earn very meager profits. So in order to improve the premium, brand breakout is the only way. At the same time, the industry competition from disorder to orderly change as well as the promotion of consumption level also laid the foundation for the brand.

business strategy changes

corresponding to the different stages of development, the business strategy of the enterprise should also make corresponding changes.

bonus period in the industry, the price war is an unavoidable theme. For pure business, it is called "barefoot shoes are not afraid, they are always fanatics in the price war. It is not the traditional retail burden, if you can get the favor of the capital, the price war is more secure to rely on.

but before the traditional retail business is there is a huge problem: how to reconcile the contradiction between online and offline. To the brand, the conflict is the conflict of interest. For consumers, the price is a very important element in the consumer experience.

it can be regarded as the touchstone "brand". The real appeal of the brand is often easier to solve the conflict on the line. For example, clothing line

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