The only product of Le bee suspected of peddling fake B2C site should turn back

recently, according to reported that consumers buy in Ms. Qi mask no approval certificate of imported cosmetics packing number or inspection, but also did not find the goods imported cosmetics hygiene permit no.. Beijing food and Drug Administration said that the case has been filed and organize law enforcement officers on-site investigation, the relevant evidence is being verified and determined, the specific facts of the investigation to determine the end of the facts can be determined before the end.

for this event can be seen, always advertised 100% licensed authentic by the consumer trust in B2C website only product is tricky like Le bee. Consumers Ms. Qi also said, food and drug regulatory feedback, has been located in the only product is located in Beijing, Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Hong Kong Logistics Park warehouse more than one thousand boxes of cosmetics."

electricity supplier in the field of crows generally black?

C2C there are fakes, which is no need to dispute the facts. Over the years these sites have been in the fight against fakes, although there are effects, but always can not be removed. In 2011, Taobao was due to the sale of pirated and counterfeit goods, is the U.S. government’s annual fall in "notorious markets list (notorious markets)". Although in December 2012, Taobao re wash white, out of the blacklist". Although the "wash white" but does not mean that Taobao completely destroyed fake.

but in recent years, always advertised 100% genuine B2C site is suspected of selling fake products allow consumers to surprise. Although the official has been much talked about but to carefully conceal mentioning however, Chinese electric business is undoubtedly a huge blow. Consumers in the field of electricity supplier generated a crisis of confidence". According to the State Administration for Industry and Commerce announced last year, in the double 11 day sampling B2C supplier of promotional merchandise, found 6 business platform on 15 batches of samples belong to counterfeit goods or highly suspected counterfeit goods, samples of 7 batches of another problem.

B2C platform products can not distinguish between true and false

in the counter to sell more than 1000 yuan of skin care products, often on the B2C site will be able to buy $two hundred or three hundred, a huge degree of shrinkage, and no relevant certificate. These businesses will love significant difference are called "export products", "big". In fact, B2C electricity purchase channels has been more mysterious, the channel has no adulteration is unable to identify.

in the B2C class business platform, even if it is fake, will be packaged into a genuine. In clothing, for example, in Dangdang, Tmall, etc., is a single NIKE this brand, there are countless businesses in the sale. But in fact, NIKE in China is only authorized to several major electricity supplier platform sales, which means that those who wear the NIKE brand online mostly fake. But consumers get the goods, simply can not tell whether it is true or false, because it is really like, and can not determine the authenticity of the professional identification. Even to get the counter concluded that it was fake, consumers generally do not buy because so much lower than the market price of the products on time "". Turn a blind eye

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