Dangdang Li Guoqing clothing from the cottage to make profits

March 14th, a comprehensive online shopping mall leading dangdang.com CEO Li Guoqing rushed to Guangzhou, in addition to inspect the Nansha logistics base will be put into use, but also secretly met with Guangzhou local courier industry heavyweights, planning the layout of dangdang.com a new round of e-commerce development strategy.

"no entity bookstore"


said before the 80% growth is to expand Dangdang cake, only 20% are from bookstores to rob to, I said that now more confidently. Last year, for example, Dangdang’s book business is still an increase of 50%, but the physical bookstore is still an increase of 3%-5%." The evening of March 14th, in an interview with Nanfang Daily reporter, Li Guoqing refuted the entity bookstore dangdang.com suffered strong impact statement, although closed one after another in recent years appeared bookstores, but with the expansion of dangdang.com there is no direct link, the entity bookstore itself should be qiongzesibian.

Li Guoqing further pointed out that the biggest blow now face is not the domestic entity bookstore dangdang.com, but mainly from the pressure of the rent, "over the past ten years, great changes have taken place in the supermarket decoration, but we don’t change what the bookstore, it should be changed! For example, get a sofa like inside the bookstore the."

according to incomplete statistics show that Dangdang book sales have accounted for 15% of the size of China’s book market to 25%, is still the main business dangdang. The latest results from Dangdang, fiscal 2010, Dangdang net revenues of $2 billion 280 million, an increase of more than 56%, net profit of $30 million 800 thousand, an increase of 82%.

"This year,

started selling clothing copycat"

however, although in the field of online book sales have way ahead dangdang.com is not willing to, but eating the old book, "after the 2010 earnings announcement, dangdang.com also disclosed plans to promote business development by expanding the product line, will increase the corresponding products in the books and other media products of DVD.

"in addition to Home Furnishing supplies, baby products, skin care products, three target category, this year we will develop fourth objectives in the field of clothing category, is selling clothing" copycat goods ", but we can control the supply of clothing." Li Guoqing stressed that in the field of clothing, dangdang.com will continue to sell free brand, and there are 500 clothing businesses distribution dangdang.com, of which 50 have to go where the customer or Mcglaughlin.

, in addition, in the management of the courier company, this year also have a big strategy, and now the company’s profit margins more thin, the competition is becoming more and more intense, we have to consider the courier company up prices." Li Guoqing revealed that the company will cooperate with Dangdang to provide 5% to 10% of the price increase in space, in response to the courier company’s wages rose.

Nanfang Daily reporter Cai Wei

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