The 900 regiment traced orders after the evaporation of netizens called for collective rights

"a few days ago to spend money to buy fuel card, then call the other ship, the other is shirk, then call no answer, and now even their home site also does not go on." Recently, more than 900 users in the group to buy a website to buy fuel card, users pay the cost, not only did not receive a refueling card, the last two days, even the 900 site can not log on. Yesterday, hundreds of users on the Internet Group rights.

buy oil card but not received

users, according to Ms. song, recently she saw from Sina micro-blog 900 group cheap buy Sinopec fuel card news, the nominal value of 500 of the card to buy as long as $468." Ms. Song said, to see the price is really attractive, you can find 900 buy site registered account, after a single payment through online banking.


said her song, the next single after delivery, 400 telephone calls began to contact the 900 group purchase website, customer service staff said to each other as friends in August 15th unified group purchase delivery, she thought of so many people didn’t care group purchase. But wait until 20 days is still not received the other side of the fuel card. Vaguely feel wrong again call the site 400 customer service phone, I did not expect no one answered.

cheated users called collective rights

"then feel cheated," Ms. Song said, she hastened to the Internet search group purchase 900 news, found a lot of friends like her, are the cheap fuel card group purchase website attracted all pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars in group purchase, but did not receive a fuel card.

yesterday afternoon, the reporter found 900 buy site has been unable to log on. Call the site 400 customer service hotline, has been in a state of no answer or busy. Reporters on the Internet also found a large number of users on the site to buy the 900 cheated posts. Netizen yqzdm said he was cheated, but also called on the user to be cheated collective bargaining rights.

estimated cheated hundreds of thousands of users

in a group of 900 activist group, the reporter found that the group has gathered more than one hundred users cheated. Most users pay the money to buy the fuel card, there is a one-time purchase of 8 friends of the fuel card, a total of 3806 yuan to pay the money. Only a small number of users to pay 25 yuan freight. According to the calculation of the group of users, the current conservative calculation, the group of all the users have been added to the money has hundreds of thousands of dollars. A netizen said in the group, yesterday afternoon, a police station in Haidian District reported.

"refueling card this kind of thing, there is no discount." Net name for 476524037 users in the analysis of the matter, said, unless the site lose money to do. Please pay attention to see the site when the word of mouth reputation, not only cheap."

clues: Mr. left

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