Jingdong listing not urgent not

data released from IPO, Jingdong has apparently become a unique competitive advantage in mainland China, but compared to Amazon, it is lack of imagination.

text |CBN reporter Yang Xuan

capital shortage, high cost, rapid growth, on the brink of collapse…… All along, Jingdong this company is in all kinds of rumors. Finally, as it applied to the market, the company’s data on all kinds of public disclosure.

the evening of January 30, 2014, is China Lunar New Year’s Eve, the Jingdong to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) submitted a prospectus, announced that it would raise $1 billion 500 million, also announced the three years of financial data.

choose this point is usually in order to avoid too many media reports, but in the evening the same day, the Jingdong public relations department staff will always answer media inquiries.

Although the

in December 2013, returned from the United States Harvard University Liu Qiangdong also stressed that the Jingdong will not be listed before 2015, but iResearch analyst Zhang Jing told the "first Economy & Finance Weekly" said, the industry is expected in 2013 will be listed Jingdong, before last December after Jingdong listed on the rumors, they feel very reliable, but also in the after the Jingdong purchased electricity industry research report to iResearch, the market share of the electricity supplier industry finally Chinese data was put into the Jingdong.

an earlier joined Jingdong employees on the first financial weekly said, Jingdong has always been listed in the plan, but also in contact with the investment bank, but is looking for the right time.

review before the Jingdong listed rumors, there was a media briefing in March 2012 from the Jingdong hired allegedly got the investment bank, then the briefing published in 2011 the Jingdong sales, as low as 5.5% of the gross margin, up to about 1 billion 200 million yuan of losses, with the published IPO data consistent.

"this business model is practicable?" an electric business executives on the "first" Economy & Finance Weekly said, to see their own Jingdong in the prospectus, the data released by the Jingdong hope to answer these questions, although the first three quarters of 2013, the Jingdong in the main business is still a loss of 300 million yuan, but "the key is to look at the trend". Generally speaking, one is to look at the cost of convergence, the two is to see the main business gross margin growth.

Liu Qiangdong and Jingdong employees have the user experience on the mouth of the habit, and that this is the engine of the growth of Jingdong. The engine is the most important part of the current logistics and distribution services Jingdong. Today, Jingdong logistics has both speed and scale advantages of Jingdong in the 28 city, 206 city can achieve the same day the next day, the first three quarters of 2013, there are more than 200 million orders, 49 billion 200 million yuan in sales – that other domestic electricity supplier companies are difficult to match. But this service >

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