The most direct and effective method to select the source of the shop

a lot of friends in the open shop is very difficult to choose the source of supply, in the end how to choose the source of goods? How to know the quality of the selected source?. First of all, go to some of the most famous source site, find the most eye-catching advertising. Why? Since the money in the most eye-catching position advertising, in general, is more powerful. As a post in the forum in the supply sources are generally small, not very reliable.

second, after the election of a source, into their website, see how customer service attitude. The importance of customer service attitude, I would like to say that we all know. Especially when involved in issues such as return, customer service attitude is not good it will be mad at you.

third, see friends message. Many sources of information website, indicating a relatively high popularity, agents who supply more people, it is more reliable.

fourth, the most critical point is to choose one of their most popular products, to search on Taobao. In general, the search is out of their agents in the sale. Then look at sales, buyers evaluation. Sales are good, many sources must be very good.

fifth, the data must be changed after the product name, or the name of the product with others. When the name of the product as much as possible to join the popular keywords. Popular keywords where? For example, you are to sell shoes, then you enter in the Taobao home page "shoes", the following will come out a lot of popular keyword related.

through the above methods, if you have not found a good source, that is your own problem. I am also in a Taobao store, I was standing above the supply shop network navigation to find a supply of shoes, and then hang on to his Taobao store. In general, as long as Ali Wangwang hung, occasionally there will be someone to buy. I don’t have to purchase, do not take pictures, do not contact the logistics, to sell a pair of shoes can earn 8-10 yuan, this is not a good Wangzhuan venture


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