Why still favored the continued loss of the Amazon the internationalization strategy of success

Compared to the

[review] and other retail giant Amazon, internationalization strategy successfully, to provide a space for future growth, rising stock prices.

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October 28th morning

online retail giant Amazon recently released three quarter earnings showed continued losses, but the loss amount is reduced, at the same time its revenues continue to expand. However, investors are not worried because of the loss of the Amazon, its share price has recently hit a record high. U.S. media analysts said, Amazon loss but continue to be an important reason: Wall Street is loved and compared to other retail giants, its internationalization strategy successfully, to provide a space for future growth, rising stock prices.

after revenue growth again, Amazon turnover in the United States over the past year, another retail giant Taghit (Target) seems to be no suspense. So, in the retail industry, in front of the Amazon, only a WAL-MART.

continues to lose in the conditions of the Amazon stock price continued to hit a new high. Media pointed out that continue to use traditional sales and profits and other indicators, to compare the Amazon and WAL-MART and other rivals, apparently not appropriate. The internationalization strategy of these retailers may be able to describe a more complete competitive landscape.

in the US retail giant, most business of WAL-MART and Taghit in the United States, only Amazon can really call global retailers.

2013, Taghit began in Canada shop, before they have been an American company, its sales of $72 billion, most in the United states. Amazon is clearly in stark contrast to its $61 billion 100 million sales in 2012, with only about $34 billion 400 million in the u.s.. According to U.S. domestic sales rankings, Amazon can not even enter the top ten u.s..

for some Americans, Amazon’s domestic sales ratio is relatively low, which may be one of the company’s home market to amblyopia, why take? But for the purchase of Amazon stock investors, they pay more attention to the prospects for global development, and Amazon in worldwide sales ability, is its unique competitive advantage.

WAL-MART is still the boss of the retail industry, sales of up to $468 billion last year, of which $70% in the u.s.. Recently, although WAL-MART announced that it would continue to set up shop in China, but at the same time, China’s online shopping in the tide of competition, WAL-MART in many supermarkets in China are closed.

in India, the government requires WAL-MART supermarket must purchase the vast majority of goods from India suppliers, subject to this condition, WAL-MART announced the suspension of large-scale shop plans.

while Amazon is growing in India. In the three quarter earnings analyst conference, Amazon chief financial officer Tom-Szkutak said that they are to the India >

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