Taobao mall attack response will not give up the quality of intimidation

October 12th morning news, according to the "Taobao mall part of the business to raise fees discontent about collective attack the sellers", Taobao mall responded, not because of threats, intimidation and abandon principle, will adopt a zero tolerance attitude to fake, quality must be guaranteed.

Taobao mall said, in order to make the healthy development of the market, to provide consumers with more cost-effective products and services, while allowing businesses out of the low price competition, Taobao mall announced the 2012 annual business capital renewal and related rules in October 10th. This is a normal adjustment has been part of the malicious attacks on the network of evil forces, part of the integrity of the business operators of goods were thousands of malicious grab shot, the attacker wants to force Taobao mall to give up the adjustment of the rules.

Taobao mall responded by saying, in order to provide consumers with more and better quality goods and services, let the market healthy development, it must make a change, Taobao mall and the majority of businesses will not give up because of threats, intimidation and principle.

pointed out that in October 10th, Taobao mall, Taobao mall announced 2012 annual business capital renewal and adjustment of relevant rules. The original intention of the rule adjustment is to use flow distribution mechanisms and economic levers and other market instruments to guide businesses to improve the quality of goods and services, allowing users to enjoy a better buying experience. The adjustment of the technical service fee and deposit liability for breach of contract responsibility, and strive to make the strength to provide good products and services businesses to gain more market attention, and by means of economic incentives is relatively poor business quickly and improve the service level.

Taobao mall said, in order to better motivate sellers, Taobao mall also set up a special technical service fee refund policy, as long as the business to do business services to consumers, to a certain size, the technical service fee is part or all returned to businesses. The liability for breach of deposit just freeze in the business of Alipay (micro-blog) account, once the business default behavior, will be used to compensate consumers. This part of the funds will not be their own income, but to allow consumers to buy Taobao mall security efforts to increase again.

Taobao mall said, but this move has been riding some quality of service is not high, poor operating conditions of the business object. These businesses are not looking for the reasons for their ability to operate, and the problem boils down to Taobao mall rules. The evening of October 11th, the online merchants and a bunch of evil forces tangled up, YY voice chat channel 34158 Series platform to push Taobao mall up adjustment rules for the purpose of the crazy attack on Taobao mall some innocent sellers, they take a normal business through malicious merchant goods without payment in the form of the force businesses discontinued operations. It is reported that 7 businesses have been attacked shops, time for several hours.

Taobao mall also pointed out that there is evidence that the attackers, some are originally in the Taobao mall service quality is not high, poor operating conditions of the business, they are looking for reasons not in their ability to operate, and.

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