An entrepreneurial male college students on Taobao story


one’s life is what? What they have to do it yourself, no one can help me, before I came in the Taobao three meals a day is the time to eat, to sleep, rest time is normal life. Everything is so leisurely, very little trouble, always thinking about eating, sleeping, playing. Since Taobao, eating and sleeping are no point, most of the day on the Internet to stay in school, decoration, forum looking paste, and the seller exchanges, trying to run the shop, let the traffic flow increase a little, just a little bit of progress every day


just opened shop every day to get up until two or three a.m., when awake, my mind is full of shops, take what name, what kind of design is appropriate to store, shop decoration how to look good, many days in a row, people do not feel the spirit, head always dizzy, eyes are blurred, shoulder ache…… The body of a series of conditions, should be the result I didn’t eat and sleep well, the Internet time is too long to. Then I saw a sudden death due to fatigue after the news of Taobao, I know I can’t go on like this, otherwise one day I will also because Taobao store tired sick, what do not have their own health, not a good body, how to fight, no matter what, don’t be too hard on yourself and what to do when you do what. Connect

touch Taobao has a few years, the shop can do. I’ve learned a lot. I can only say that perseverance, from a small shop 1 heart slowly do now several drilling, is the need to spend a lot of energy and cost. I would like to talk about the need to do a good shop first step, to give their shop location, do the network survey, industry analysis, market analysis and network environment analysis. It is important to choose a good industry. What are you selling? How do you sell them?. I also don’t know what to do to the industry, then according to their own preferences, the start of the food industry, but also registered Taobao account: 5204 are (I love snacks), since I chose this profession, I will stick to it. Do every industry must know how strong the competitiveness of the industry, their point of entry which. What is missing and needs to be filled. How can I get this stand out? Secondly, is the Taobao shop decoration. This is difficult for most people, many people do not understand the code, do not understand Photoshop, Dreamweaver. But now there are a lot of simple procedures, shop templates, as long as the installation can be slightly modified to decorate the shop like a template.

some of the decoration shop site, such as: just brother, triangle Ling, etc.. Although these are fool type operation, but also to the shop to bring good results. The last is the operation, the operation may be the most difficult for everyone, many people will ask, how did I shop opened no sales, no one to buy it?. In fact, not no one to buy, not no one wants. Just don’t know you have this store. So do a good job is very important

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