Nikon D600 spots door the Jingdong in the United States under the shelf Dangdang still sold Taobao

yesterday, CCTV exposure of 315 Nikon D600 camera photo shoot "black spots" phenomenon, then Beijing IT channel in Tmall, Jingdong, Gome online web site search Nikon D600 when found, has not found its trace,, one shop franchise and is still in the sale of.


D600 camera known as a high-quality, full frame, the price of up to million yuan, the photo shoot was a lot of black spots, rework still repeated many times. Users are faced with the question, Nikon repeatedly refused to return, and put the blame on the haze, and even require the user to take photos when the camera is not up.

CCTV reported, causing black spots of the main reasons is because the sealing problem of the camera, the Nikon company used to secretly replace the shutter assembly and maintenance of the camera, but still can not solve the camera to take pictures with black spots problems. According to the provisions of China’s Three Guarantees, in the warranty period for the maintenance of the new machine can be replaced two times, but Nikon still refused to replace the new machine for various reasons.

not only in China, Europe and the United States a lot of users have encountered this problem. An American lawyer said it had collected more than 1 thousand Nikon D600 camera, they are sued. Relevant legal professionals as well as some professional photography website, said that there are already some U.S. consumers have been free to replace the D600 D610 upgrade services.

Although the

Nikon D600 CCTV exposure of 315 "black spots" phenomenon. But as of press time, Nikon still did not respond to the matter. However, Beijing IT channel, Jingdong mall, easy fast network, Amazon, Tmall and many other well-known mall electricity supplier website has done the shelves, the page can not find the products, while is displayed as out of stock status,, only one shop franchise and still in the sale of.

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