After the root lies in the control of chaos in Group Purchase Compensation

a few days ago is the Valentine’s day in the west, and for domestic consumers, it is definitely an excuse for their own consumption, and as businesses are also willing to see the phenomenon of money rolling. As early as the week before Valentine’s day, as early as the beginning of a large network of consumer orders action.

Taobao also launched the Valentine’s day meet ( activities, you can advance booking hotels, tickets, travel packages, so as to arrange a day trip plan. 10 traditional media in the Taobao online store "one shop" also held a Valentine’s Day theme activities.

according to Taobao data show that in the first week of Valentine’s day, Taobao ordered to sell roses per day to reach 2 million 100 thousand roses. Chocolate sold 40 thousand boxes a day, jewelry sold 50 thousand, compared with the same period last year, an increase of 105%. Personalized product customization in this year’s survey of market demand, you can see, including a lot of buy site also homeopathy launched personalized customized services, a personal seal, there are costumes, etc.. Consumers in droves is good, but many consumers were disappointed to say:


some consumers when ordering delicacy group purchase coupons, to the restaurant, but found that the shop did not open the door! As a Valentine’s Day gift highlight, group purchase preferential rose attracted a number of consumer orders, many consumers are also going to in this romantic days to know that, but because the results of group purchase website is not very good and missed the flowers the opportunity.

after the event, some sites have taken an apology and double compensation commitment. But all of this, is not really can not control it? Why does this happen again and again, three? To a large extent, the audit of the group to buy business cooperation problems.

Most of the

group purchase website just look at preferential extent, both sides benefit much, no ability to partner enough evaluation, so there before the business scale can not meet the order quantity and businesses get the arrears fled after the embarrassment. In this way, the responsibility is the need to bear the site. To control the business ability has become the key point to prevent the chaos of group purchase.

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