Jingdong in hit singles promotion express Baotuan boycott of Jingdong

October 16th news, Jingdong are orderly to consumers the long-awaited Day promotional activities, but suffered from the front of the friend that is currently a head-on blow, according to the first volume temporarily announced the end of the Jingdong began to Shentong express delivery business, the Jingdong for large mall third party sellers, absolutely is the sad news. Many industry insiders said, Shen this behavior through just in time for the big promotion at the mall Jingdong, is obviously well prepared.

and from the interpretation of Shen Tong believes that Jingdong itself can actually belong to the logistics itself and Shen Tong the same logistics industry, in the same industry, if you have a piece of suspected illegal. Obviously a bit far fetched for Shen Tong explained, because Jingdong mall self built logistics system has been a long time, why now cancel the cooperation, and Shen Tong statement released only for the Jingdong, like Taobao and other electronic business platform is not involved.

Jingdong rapid rise in the courier industry to feel competitive pressure

The reason

Shen Tong first launched, obviously feel the Jingdong express industry competition, although Shentong in China occupy the first volume, but the level of service is not the first, about STO’s complaints increased year by year, and the Jingdong will express and courier service business integration model, highlights the quality of services. Jingdong for express delivery and professional courier, many consumers and businesses are very much appreciated. Coupled with Jingdong in June of this year has been a courier license, so the courier company headed by the hope that the Jingdong’s development momentum strangled in the cradle.

The rapid rise of

Jingdong can be said to be on the existing business model of the spoiler, not only let the traditional courier industry is very headache, also makes a variety of electronic business platform to feel the pressure of competition, the Jingdong Liu Qiang Mall East the current electricity supplier industry data and widespread adulteration, promotions and offers no bottom line back to consumers, completely touched the so-called unspoken rule of the electricity supplier industry, so Jingdong mall from the beginning and became the object of the public electricity supplier group.

When a

this day business promotion is still the focus of many electronic business platform competition, and this time it is the key period of many electronic business platform layout, business promotional activities from the preparation to the related service facilities are ready to enter the critical period, but the core of this promotion, the Jingdong store but the outbreak of the courier industry collective stop service, a huge problem in logistics distribution will naturally to the Jingdong in the promotion period, which is obviously the Jingdong mall promotions direct blow.

Although Jingdong

mall has put forward the Countermeasures for preparing and some small logistics express industry, but their ability is clearly not through courier warehouse explosion test, because every time the promotional activities, logistics will become a bottleneck, and Shen Tong, SF express industry choose this time to bigong obviously can play a multiplier role.

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