South Korea underwear Good People with Han clothes homes two times to enter China

news June 29th, the day before, South Korea fashion brand Good People and starry signed a strategic cooperation memorandum book, the two sides will start from the brand cooperation mode of operation, and gradually explore the establishment of a joint venture brand specific issues.


Good People on behalf of Yin Youhuan (left) and Han Yi homes co-founder Du Tingguo (right)

billion state power network to understand, as early as ten years ago, Good People’s fashion brand YES "will try to enter the China, but because the bold, that didn’t fit the conservative underwear market, eventually frustrated.

"when all the people think that the underwear is hidden inside, the imagination of our pleasure begins; and when all the people say that underwear is nothing, our new attempt begins." Good People, said Yin Youhuan, deputy director.

now, Yin Youhuan believes that the time is ripe: now the Chinese market is no doubt the level of purchasing power of fashion, Chinese young people began to focus on inner fashion. Good People realized that the wind finally arrived. Of course we want to enter China, but this is the electricity supplier model."


Good People and Han Yi clothes

it is understood that the choice of Good People and Korean homes have entered China cooperation. "We understand that the earlier Han clothing has toread, Motom brands such as joint venture brand new line, with South Korea the first outdoor brand BlackYak has reached a strategic cooperation agreement. Therefore, Good People is also willing to try to create a new online brand, and Han Yi homes together to do. Han Yi homes in China’s Internet brand building reflects the strength, far more than other electricity providers, which is the basis of cooperation with Good People. We are responsible for the product, Han are responsible for ecological operation and brand building." Yin Youhuan said.

According to

billion state power network to understand, Korean clothing include the transition to Internet brand ecological management group, there are nearly 40 fashion brands, including the famous fast fashion brand HSTYLE (Tmall flagship store), Han Feng sweet girls diary of Nana (Tmall flagship store) and other Korean brands.

HSTYLE and Nana diary aimed at 16-25 year old girl, which is consistent with the mainstream consumer groups Good People." South Korea are homes sales center director Feng said, the current online lingerie market is more emphasis on women’s sexy and intellectual exploration, the lack of attention to youth, vitality and personality. And these, but it is precisely the age of the girls are most concerned about things."

"we are best at"

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